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Boris Kerjner is the leading expert in the field of Integrative Conscious Evolution – aligning technology, neuroscience, positive psychology, wisdom traditions, and mindbody medicine to facilitate the fastest and most stable shifts in consciousness, health, and performance.

As a transformational thought-leader, author, and marketing consultant, Boris Kerjner helps people and corporations around the world to clarify and fulfill their highest values and aspirations. He has worked with athletes, models, CEO’s, and artists, guiding his clients to accelerated progress and achievement.

“The mind’s most powerful transformational force is activated in full-hearted commitment. When you give yourself fully to your vision, when you yield to it, when you fully say yes, the world will move, shift and change to bring that vision to fruition.”

Conscious Evolution

Do you remember your childhood dreams of being the best at something that was meaningful to you?

Can you recall moments of imagination where you were excited and inspired by the vision of living life as the best version of yourself?

Conscious Evolution (CE) is a simple model of growth and progress that is works to bring all of your resources in alignment with your highest values and objections, and then to help you develop these resources towards their highest potential.

Conscious Evolution is a strategic way of thinking about life that is designed to help individuals and companies to reach their goals by growing in awareness and developing self-mastery. The process of growth and transformation starts with an expanded awareness of the inner world of the individual and expands out to influence every sphere of their life, including business, career, relationships, health, spirituality and beyond.

When applied to the world of business and finance, this holistic model develops the highest degrees of morale, shared vision, coherence and cooperations within the company. Applied to the company’s marketing and messaging, Conscious Business strategies build an unwavering link between the market’s real needs and values, and the company’s product or service offering, building customer loyalty and expanding the lifetime value for the user and the business.


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