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Some practitioners are good at creating a plan to improve your health, with supplements and other protocols. Others are good at tapping into the mental and emotional issues their clients need to address to actualize their potential. But VERY FEW can bring ALL of that together at a high level. Boris Kerjner is one of those few. His knowledge of the body, brain, and mental-emotional-spiritual health — and how to put it all together in a uniquely designed plan to take your life to the next level — is among the best I’ve seen. Whatever your challenge, if you want to activate more energy, productivity, health, or success, Boris should be the first call you make!
Derek Rydall
Derek RydallBest-Selling Author "Emergence," Transformational Coach, www.DerekRydall.com
“Thanks, Boris – this stuff works! After reading and applying the recommendations in your book, I’ve seen an unquestionable increase in both my energy and focus throughout my days. Our brain impacts all aspects of our lives and I’m so very grateful for Boris’ ability to curate all this wisdom in an easy to follow, easy to apply system. It’s been on of the simplest, effective and practical guides that I’ve come across.”
Sunny Gosal
Sunny GosalAuthor of the Bushido Code and Founder of the Bushido Code Academy, www.BushidoCode.comwww.BushidoCode.com
“I have had the fortune of being exposed to teachings of Boris for a few years now and I can honestly say that he is connected to a source of wisdom which very few people in the world have access to and able to communicate it as clearly as Boris can. He has a gift to bring clarity and to remove doubt and uncertainty. His sharing is original, fresh and alive. He is authentic, bold and real, but always has the touch of grace and kindness at the center. At times learning from him, reminds me of certain key truths, which I had forgotten about, other times, he shares an entirely new perspective that I have never even considered. If you want to expand your mind and open your heart, to live a higher quality of life, I strongly recommend learning from Boris as his wisdom has been a true blessing in my life.”
Sean PI
Sean PIBest Selling Author of “The Miracle Of Forgiveness”, CEO Consciousness Academy Inc.

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