Meet Boris Kerjner

Boris’ inspiration to serve, innovate and teach took rise from dark and humble beginnings. At the age of 18 Boris looked on in helpless desperation as his mom, his closest person in the world, fought a losing battle with cancer. Upon her passing his life quickly spiraled towards a rock-bottom as he struggled with many irreconcilable inner and outer conflicts.

In a moment of deep despair and confusion Boris found himself face to face with what he calls the unasked questions:

“Who am I? Why am I here? What is the purpose of my life?”

From this sincere plea of desperation came a revelation that would forever redirect the course of his life. In an illumination that dissolved all doubt and fear, the answers came from Life itself. The answer to all three questions was, “Love”. His intention to live this answer to his highest capacity led to many personal breakthroughs and transformations, as well as the discovery of his life’s work of helping humanity live richer, healthier, and more fulfilling lives.

Developing the clarity about one’s top values and committing to an unwavering intention of building a life that meets and reflects these values is the single most important move a human being can make towards a life of mastery and fulfillment.


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“To uplift and inspire humanity towards new heights of inner and outer growth and awakening is my highest value and priority – I welcome all requests and collaborations that enable us to collectively serve the evolution of humanity.”

– Boris Kerjner