Mind Control Isn’t What You Think It Is

Free Your Mind

…but do I really deserve it?

Of course, I do – why wouldn’t I? I’m going for it!

But what if I fail?! 

I can’t possibly do this! Everyone will think I’m a fool.

Every human being has experienced some version of this secret struggle unfolding within themselves. This inner thought dialogue is our personal form of the classic epic that we see in most media, religion, and personal interactions: the timeless theme of “good” versus “evil”.

  • On the one side you encourage yourself, set lofty goals, pat yourself on the back and optimistically look towards a bright future.
  • On the other side you seem to be focused squarely on your flaws, the shortcomings of the people around you, and the worst-case scenarios with the drama meter turned up.

The good news is that you don’t have to side with either of these voices. After all, they’re both just voices in your head, no one else can hear them. They’re simply your own inner dialogue, repeating phrases and concepts that you have heard in the past. There’s nothing new in there. NLP trainers describe the source of automatic though as a record player the records, remixes, and replays the information the is fed into it. If you could examine and trace the origin of what either voice says you will find that it didn’t originate with you – it’s just something you once heard!

The part of your mind that runs the world of your inner dialogue is just a storehouse of past impressions. We get fooled into believing that what it’s saying is new, unique, and trustworthy because it has this amazing ability to retrieve relevant impressions from all the years of our life and weave them into a coherent story and then synchronize that fictional story with the present moment by overlaying it on top of the experience that we’re presently moving through.

The same voice that supports you in one moment, turns back to assault you in the next, and then takes on the position of the victim and begins a long sad story. Take a pause and see if you can recognize this pattern in your life. To one degree or another, for most human beings, this narrative is happening non-stop from morning to night, and even into the dreamscape. This narrative isn’t necessary. You don’t need to stay there if you don’t want to – most people don’t realize that it’s optional.

The way out is simple. No long hours of affirmations, no denying temptations, no need for smarts or much education, no need to prove or disprove anything. This solution has just one step. This one step ends your involvement with the war (if you’re lucky, forever). This one step is always available, it can never be taken away, and it’s power to free you only grows every time that you use it. What’s the one step solution? Watch.


Yes. Watch.

Really look at what’s going on. As you simply watch these scenes unfold in the mind, a few initial realizations will dawn on you:

  • First, you will recognize that there is a voice inside your head.
  • Then you’ll see that this one voice is speaking for both the so-called “good” and the so-called “evil”. (this severe case of bipolarity should already get you to question its trustworthiness!)
  • Next, a recognition will unfold that will forever change your relationship to this voice – you will see something like this: “Ah! Here I am, and there is the voice that I’m hearing. And if I’m over here hearing this voice, or seeing this thought, then obviously I’m not the one that the thought is describing – I’m seeing the thought, the thought isn’t seeing me.”

With this core realization, you make your exit. You step out of the completely seamless identity with the thoughts, and into a greater sphere of awareness. You will likely continue to witness argument and conflicts within your thoughts and imagination from time to time, but when that voice inside your head uses the words “I”, “me”, or “mine”, you will now recognize that this has nothing to do with you. These words no longer confuse you as to your real identity. The more you disinvest from the illusory thought-identity, the less frequently you will be caught up in solving problems or battling wars on behalf of fictional characters in your mind.

Here is a one liner to help you remember this principle: “If you see it, you’re NOT it!”

Experiment with taking that quote into a mindful stillness and contemplate it with the intention to see what it could be pointing to. When you start to gain this inner spaciousness and distance from the inner conflicts, they will quickly begin to lose their momentum and the magnetism they once had will fade. The less attention and energy you invest in them the less life-force they have and the less believable they become.

And then what happens?

What happens next is up to you.

Now you are truly free to live your life according to your highest values, doing what you love and loving what you do. You’re free to express yourself without needing to consult your inner voice. You’re free to take action or speak authentically without being stunted by the life-draining thought of, “What will other people think?” You progressively become more you, more yourself – the yourself that you really love finally shows up and takes up residence in you. Now you know you are free to follow your heart, to live fully and unapologetically, and to fulfill the vision you came to fulfill.