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If you’re looking to rapidly grow your company to the next level, Boris will personally work with you to help you grow your revenue, expand your reach, and scale your brand recognition. His wealth of experience in cutting edge marketing, advertising, and customer acquisition approaches will guide the strategy and implementation development for your business to help you reach your and exceed your targets.

For deeper, hands-on work, our team also provides ‘done for you’ services for everything from creating your website, to marketing management, and driving qualified leads, clients and customers to your offers.

We specialize in supporting conscious projects that serve the welfare of humanity and make the world a better place to live.

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Application Criteria

1. Your business serves the general good of humanity and the planet, and creates real value for your customers. 

The wellbeing and progressive betterment of humanity and the planet is our highest value – we only work with businesses and leaders whose conscious enterprise contributes to the good of mankind and our natural environment.

2. Your business is already well established.

Our services are best suited for businesses that already profitably operating and seeking to rapidly grow their revenue and reach.

3. You have a customer database or list.

The list doesn’t need to be in the multiple thousands but an established list of past clients or customers is a necessary asset.

4. You must have a successful product or service offering and a good reputation in your market.

Our work together will be focused on bringing your business more clients, sales, and profits, but our approach will create mass exposure in your market – we only work with businesses who have an overall positive rating on public review sites.

5. You must be coachable and willing to follow directions.

Our work together will be of no benefit unless the strategies we create are implemented and actively pursed.

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In business and in life, I have had the fortune of being exposed to teachings of Boris for several years. I can honestly say that he is connected to a source of wisdom which very few people in the world have access to and able to communicate it as clearly as Boris can. He has a gift to bring clarity and to remove doubt and uncertainty. His approach is original, fresh and alive. He is authentic, bold and real, but always has the touch of grace and kindness at the core. If you want to fulfill your highest aspirations, to live a higher quality of life, I strongly recommend learning from Boris as his wisdom has been a true blessing in my life.

Sean PI
Sean PIBest Selling Author of “The Miracle Of Forgiveness”, CEO Consciousness Academy Inc.

Some consultants are good at creating a plan to improve your performance on a physical level, with supplements and other protocols. Others are good at tapping into the mental and emotional issues their clients need to address to actualize their potential. But VERY FEW can bring ALL of that together at a high level. Boris Kerjner is one of those few. His knowledge of the body, brain, and mental-emotional-spiritual performance — and how to put it all together in a unique synergy to take your life to the next level — is among the best I’ve seen.

Derek Rydall
Derek RydallBest-Selling Author "Emergence," Transformational

Thanks, Boris – this stuff works! After reading and applying the recommendations in your book, I’ve seen an unquestionable increase in both my energy and focus throughout my days. Our brain impacts all aspects of our lives and I’m so very grateful for Boris’ ability to curate all this wisdom in an easy to follow, easy to apply system. It’s been on of the simplest, effective and practical guides that I’ve come across.

Sunny Gosal
Sunny GosalAuthor of the Bushido Code and Founder of the Bushido Code

Our Philosophy

Today, the problem facing the individual in pursuit of his or her best self is not a lack of opportunity or information, it is rather a lack of instruction and practice in how to think about and navigate of his or her inner world of thoughts, beliefs, emotions, decisions, imagination, and perceptions.

The absence of inner understanding results in poor or inconsistent performance at the level of expressed qualities such as focus, confidence, happiness, fulfillment, engagement, productivity and all other quality that human beings innately love and value for themselves.

Through his work, experience, and research, Boris Kerjner developed an actionable, multidimensional framework that empowers you to navigate your inner and outer world with clarity and confidence, allowing you to progressively evolve towards an ever greater expression of your potential.

Awakened Leadership and Evolved Performance are systems developed to guide the individual in aligning all aspects of human life towards the achievement of their highest mission or aspiration – including mindset, leadership and emotional intelligence development; brain optimization, nutrition and physical fitness; communication and relationship development; as well as core principles business, wealth and financial success.

To individuals or groups aspiring to fulfill their highest potential in business, health, relationship, or spirituality – we offer industry-leading training through classes, workshops, coaching, and mentorship. Contact us by clicking the button below to inquire about upcoming events and trainings in your area.

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