Awakened Leadership

There is something within the core of each human being that aspires to greatness.

No matter what age or stage of life we are in, something in us aspires for greater heights in a way that is entirely unique to each one of us.

Typically human beings live within one of two paradigms:

  1. We express and fulfill ourselves in our own deepest calling
  2. We subordinate to the values and goals that other people have for us and leave our core mission unfulfilled.

Awakened Leadership is a progressive evolution of consciousness that begins with our ability to consciously lead our own personal lives in way that is congruent with our highest values and intentions.

From here, leadership expands indefinitely in its sphere of influence as our desire and ability to help the the people around us expands in proportion to our degree of mastery and insight.

The Four Pillars of Awakened Leadership


Masterful communication that connects to the values and visions of the people around you is foundational to achieving your mission – big or small.


Energy is the fuel that allows you to fulfill your vision – awakened leadership teaches you to expand and sustain your physical, emotional, mental and spiritual energy.


To lead yourself or the masses, you must know where you’re going and how to track your progress and direction. Awakened Leadership helps you draw down your vision, from inspiration to realization.


The map is not the territory, but without a map it’s easy to lose your way. Awakened Leadership trains you apply your mind’s capacity to generate clear, powerful, and actionable strategy to move you towards your goals.

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